Lecturer, Economist and Blogger

I have graduated at the University of Bonn with a diploma in economics. During my studies, I have already worked as macro analyst for Euromonitor International. Once finished with my studies, I moved to Vilnius (Lithuania). I have worked as analyst and lectured economics, business mathematics and game theory at different universities and colleges. In 2014 I supported Member of Parliament Agnė Bilotaitė in rally promoting regional development agenda in Lithuania. During the meetings with regional mayors, political and business representatives, as well as local citizens, I presented the economic state of the region and advised Agnė Bilotaitė on different economic issues.

I started writing this blog in 2008. It started as opposition to Free Market Institutes’s (LLRI) publications, but later changed to expressing my opinion about different socio-economic issues. As a blogger I had the opportunity to participate at Global Economic Symposium in Kiel. Recently I’m trying to add more and more reproducible analytics to my reports by using and sharing R code and using Github. And although I’m very passionate about economics – time is a limited good, so my blogposts are get sporadic depending on the daily workload.