Baltic Region Outlook (BRO) - a weekly economic bulletin in English language.  In this week’s Baltic Region Outlook (BRO)  edition - Lithuania.

Main news topics:

  • US Q4 GDP +1.9, UK Q4 GDP +0.6
  • U.S. President pulls out of TPP
  • Brexit needs parliament’s approval
  • Heating up housing market in Lithuania

BRO: Economic Insights

Transparency International released its yearly Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). Estonia scored highest with CPI of 70 and ranked 22nd , Lithuania scored 59 points and ranked 38th , while Latvia achieved only 57 points and ranked 44th . Poland reached 62 points and ranked 29th. I used a simple linear regression to estimates the results of one CPI point gain on GDP/capita in PPP. The estimated model suggests, that 1 point increase in CPI increases the GDP/capita in PPP by 4.6 %.

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Data: BRO_004_Lithuania_2017_01_30_CPI_GDP