Starting with the year 2017 begins to publish Baltic Region Outlook (BRO) - a weekly economic bulletin in English language. BRO is to come out on every Monday and  will consist of three parts:

  1. Key economic indicators  for either Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia
  2. Economic news from Baltic states, euro area and the world
  3. Economic insight - a section with a brief economic analysis of a contemporary economic topic

The list of economic indicators in not yet final and may adjust during next couple of months. Probably more finance data will be included in the future bulletins.  Economic news are collected from various sources covering economic news in the Baltics. In economic insight part, most contemporary topics are to be covered, starting with increasing inflation in euro area in Decmeber 2016, which together with other robust news on economic recovery in eurozone will fuel discussions on when ECB will start tapering its QE.

The general idea for such a bulletin comes from the time of my internship at DnB Nord bank in Vilnius in 2011.  But compared to the bulletin of DnB Nord,  BRO has more focus on the “Economic insight” part and does not cover Poland every four weeks.

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Download: BRO_001_Lithuania_2017_01_09